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Applying drywall mud is like spreading peanut butter? You spread joint compound with a taping knife. Your goal is a smooth coating, to hide the seams joining 2 pieces of sheet rock along with the screws or nails used to hang the drywall. The smaller putty knife is used for repairing small dings a...
This is a great tip and one I haven't heard before ... but I'm not a realtor. Owning a handyman business means I focus on any type of leak, and helping homeowners learn how to quickly shut the water off until the problem can be repaired. When there is noone living in the home, this introduces a n...
Those working in the real estate industry understand better than anyone else, the magnitude of today's mortgage crisis ... with more than 25% of home owners underwater. We're all frustrated by the stalemate as banks are dragging their heals with respect to any type of financing. Equity Sharing In...
The other day I was talking to a peer handyman business owner and she shared with me how difficult it had been trying to give a technician directions for installing curtain rods at a customer's home. Cindy asked if I could write an article about this ... and specifically said she wanted something...
While researching & writing my annual summary of Remodeling Magazine's Cost vs Value report, I foolishing clicked on a Google ad for FREE Remodeling prices. OK you're saying, I should have known better but in the context of the page and the info I was looking for, it made sense and I almost gloss...
Maybe I missed everyone's interpretation of the most recent Remodeling Cost vs Value report. Here's a quick recap of what I took away, and if you want to see my analysis of projects which grew from 15 in 2002 to 33 this year, you can read Remodeling Trends Focusing on Lower Costs at HomeTips4Wome...
Bob Stewart's post, Never Answer the Same Question Twice, set lights bursting for me ... as it's been years since I went through exactly what he describes. Unfortunately it was so long ago that I'd forgotten most of it ... and yet, it's really the story I need to share with my peer handyman owner...

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