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Wow, now I'm embarrassed as I just stumbled on the BEST!!! list of homeowner resources I've ever seen on the web, from a realtor in Seattle. Not even an hour since I wrote my earlier post about my electricians & plumbers ... oh it's a different world today. The only thing I might add here are web...
  Hi everyone, I continue to watch this great community grow and I'm learning so much from all of you. I just wish that the community could grow to be more inviting to other businesses that support home owners after they buy their home, and before they prepare to sell it. Who Helps Home Owners Ma...
I joined Active Rain almost a year ago and I still think it's the best online community I've found ... thanks to all your great people out there who really take the time to embrace and support each other, and especially the newbies as it really does take time to learn your way around. I've gotten...
I write a monthly newsletter for my customers, prospects and folks I network with. The challenge as anyone knows who sends out a newsletter is ... how do I position my messaging, with attention grabbing subject line, that entices people to read further. I had fun with my January issue this year a...
I'm one of the guilty people who is constantly on the go, trying to do it all ... and I love it. I will admit though, that sometimes I'm too busy to notice some of the more important things in life. I generally hate the silly trivia emails that people send but my husband sent one and he knows how...
One of the things I love best about Active Rain is introducing other people to this great community. Often I suggest people should join the group as to me, AR is the BEST place to learn how to blog. I'm not a realtor, but rather I own My Handyman of Southern NH and many in my personal network are...
While not an expert on generators, I recognize how critical they are for home owners during power outages. We've had several outages in New England these last 2 months, so I've been wanting to do further research and share my findings ... as #1, you MUST insure proper ventilation so the fumes fro...
According to a 2008 real estate trends report, more than 80% of all home buyers start their property search on the Internet. After narrowing down the tens of thousands of possibilities based on price range, location and number of rooms, the next thing prospective buyers look at are the photos. Fi...

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