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Las Vegas real estate market data. MLS statistics and market trends done weekly.
The Average Joe Index.  The greater Las Vegas area real estate values continue to trend down as high inventory, a slower sales season, and bank repos continue to pressure home prices.  Here are this month's numbers;Home Size          Median         vs Nov 06      vs Peak (mo/yr)1500sf            ...
Thanksgiving ***Thanksgiving is the most important holiday of the year for me.  My career in real estate is a result of a literal life-changing event in January 1992 - the sudden death of my father.  The previous Thanksgiving was the last time I saw my dad.  I was supposedly attending Arizona Sta...
 What I'm Watching...  Is there really good news in the market?  Possibly.  Listings on the market continued to decline for the 3rd straight week.  Inventory of homes are down 2.5% in the last 3 weeks.  At the same time new pending sales contract have increased each week for the past 5 weeks. - i...
The Secret of Success There was once a boy who wanted to seek the secret of success. One day he approached a wise man living up in the mountain. When he found the wise man at the hut, he asked, "Wise man, can you tell me the secret to becoming successful in life?" The wise man was silent for a wh...
There was a hunter who came into the possession of a special bird dog. The dog was the only one of its kind, because it can walk on water. One day he invited a friend to go hunting with him so that he could show off his prized possession. After some time, they shot a few ducks, which fell into th...
Google has launched a free phone directory assistance line. Here is how it works......- Dial the phone number 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411)- State the City and State- State the business or business type- The service will find it and connect you, FOR FREE!All of the other services I have seen re...
Or does it? It is a matter of perspective. To the Achieved, success is sweet. To those who have yet to taste, it may suck. Why? It's all the stuff in between the initial desire to be a success and the achievement of that goal or desire. It's hard, not fun, and can just plain suck.>>Do you think M...
Ever walk into a restaurant or service store and see realty business cards pinned to the wall or corkboard?  It is a simplistic means for some exposure. But the problem is the agents that post the cards have no idea if an impression is being made or who is taking the cards.  Here is a spin design...
It's a bad news, good news day. First the bad news.  This week's rolling 30 day solds (homes sold in the last 30 days) represents the lowest number of sales (1206) in a 30 day period this year.  It might be the lowest this decade.  Use the 30 day sold number (most recent activity) and divide that...
Closing gifts are forever a challenge for real estate agents. Some do not do them, some do. For those who do, the pressure of what and how much leads to a whole new set of challenges. Here is a rather inexpensive yet sentimental closing gift idea.Take a picture of the new home. Do so with or with...

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Las Vegas real estate market data. MLS statistics and market trends done weekly.