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Millennial Homeownership November 17, 2015Millennial homeownership is predicted to rise sharply within the next year or two. What does this mean and how should you prepare? It means that the homebuying process is finding ways to make homeownership accessible to a new generation at the same time m...
Home Price AppreciationNovember 16, 2015Appreciation is “the increase in the value of an asset over time. The increase can occur for a number of reasons including increased demand or weakening supply, or as a result of changes in inflation or interest rates,” (Investopedia.com). Home appreciation...
The Ultimate Thanksgiving DinnerNovember 13, 2015Whether you’re cooking for one, two, or forty, planning a Thanksgiving dinner can be overwhelming. So here’s your guide to planning the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner. MENU Turkey – Make sure you leave plenty of time to thaw your turkey if you purcha...
Why is Your Credit Score Important?November 10, 2015Ever wonder why your credit score is constantly being checked when you try to borrow money?Here’s why... Your credit score is an indicator of your credit-worthiness. Your score is a direct reflection of your ability to repay a loan and your hist...
Should There Be a Cap on Rent?October 28, 2015It’s no secret the climbing costs of rent have become a burden on most renters in the nation. With renters now spending an average of 30% or more of their monthly income on rent, the conversation around rent control comes up frequently. In many boomin...
Drum roll please......Loan Officer of the month....Jeff Harris. Top Producer of our Rohnert Park branch for the month of October. Super cool plaque and the coveted "Golden Top Dog" for the month. He is so excited to have that dog back, can't you tell? Way to go Jeff!

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