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Moving to College? Follow These Tips August 21, 2015Moving away to college can be a little intimidating but a lot of fun. Not sure what to pack? Here are some pointers on what is necessary to bring and what can be left at home:  Pack Light – While your first instinct might be to decorate your new...
A Client vs. A Sale August 18, 2015As much as you might use the words interchangeably, a client and a sale are not the same thing. The main difference: the relationship. A sale might get you the money on a closed deal. But in the long run, if that was your main focus, that “sale” probably is not ...
Get Your Home Back-to-School Ready August 14, 2015School is creeping up fast now. Before the bell rings, get your home back-to-school ready by following these easy steps.  Backpack Area – The kids are either running out the door at the beginning of the day trying to find their backpack or back in...
Shop for Home Insurance Like a Pro August 13, 2015So you have bought your home – now you need to insure it! Do not make the mistake of forgoing this cost. Home insurance is an absolute must in the event something happens to your property. Here are some tips for making sure you get the right cover...
Homes for Those with Disabilities August 10, 2015People with disabilities or those who struggle to move about freely of their own will deserve the right to a safe and high quality of life. Caring for an elderly person or living with someone with disabilities can be difficult if a home is not desi...
Shopping for Furniture August 07, 2015Shopping for furniture can be expensive and time consuming. Especially if you are trying to coordinate bedroom sets, a specific look in your living room, or create an elegant dining area, these projects often start off as something fun and turn into stressful...
From Renting to Owning August 05, 2015Many renters today want to get out of the habit of paying someone else’s mortgage. The perks of home ownership are varied and many causing many potential first time homebuyers to consider making the leap into the housing market. But making that jump is not ea...

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