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One of the consequences of the current COVID-19 crisis is that parents have brought in helpers to assist with schoolwork, babysitting, housework, etc. Unfortunately, this can lead to a shock come tax time. Most people know it as the Nanny Tax!When you hire household help you could be responsible ...
What do you do when you owe the IRS??  Here are your options: NOTHINGPeople seem to love this choice!  Maybe if you stick your head in the sand long enough, they will forget all about you?  The chances of this happening is slim to none.  In fact, the IRS is getting more agressive in tracking down...
When I talk to people about resolving their tax problems, it isn't surprising that they feel very alone. So I thought a little context would help.A survey conducted recently by the group Tax Practice Advisor found that, because of COVID-19, nearly 1/3 of all Americans are unable to pay their taxe...
Excited to join the community and offer Accounting, Advisory, and Tax Resolution services to the community and your clients. If you and or your clients need help resolving tax problems with the IRS, Tax preparation, or other Controller/CFO level services, let me know!  

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