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Thomas invites you into his business, life and beloved city of San Diego, CA. He authentically shares about his life in San Diego as a husband, father, real estate business owner and still a tourist of San Diego! He enjoys living and working in the UTC/La Jolla, a popular community near UCSD and one of San Diego's best Real Estate Markets. Enjoy the posts, share your feedback and please comment on his pearls of wisdom and nuggets of gold.
August San Diego, CA Calendar of Events 2019  Julian StarFest 2019 When: Thursday through Saturday, August 1-3 • see website for detailsWhere: Menghini Winery - 1150 Julian Orchards Dr., Julian, CA Explore the world of astronomy during the 3-day Julian StarFest. See telescopes and view objects in...
I can build a relational career on good people; I can't sustain a positive attitude nor a fulfilled purpose when it's just about numbers or closing transactions. For me it's not about how much you can afford to spend as a buyer and it's not about how much the market says your home is worth as a s...
“Don’t get too comfortable with what you think you know. You have to adapt. You need to plan!” Barry HabibWhat home buyers, sellers and REALTORS® need to know about the smoke and mirrors of I-Buyers… my notes from an AMAZING webinar that shines a light on the I-Buyer sites.I’m sharing my note wit...
Bold Predictions for Real Estate in 2019:The National Market and Our Local San Diego, CA MarketDoom & Gloom? No! The market is looking great and stable! More inventory is coming, prices are stabilizing, and rates are still incredibly low. Good time to buy and sellers can still get a good price as...
There is some fantastic information here provided by Jason E. Gordon  and I felt this article should have had more traction, especially in today's market. These are the conversations we need to have with our clients: Realtors and Lenders alike!The Headlines vs. Fine Print!      ~ The Truth Behind...
 Good Investment or a Waste of Money; a Loser? How do you see yourself? I once heard Brian Tracy talk about the re-investment of profits into yourself, I'll paraphrase and take some liberties here:"If I asked you to invest $10,000 in a company I saw as a great investment, gave you the prospectus ...
I re-blogged this as a reminder to document, document, document and use that smart phone to photograph and video when in an occupied property for inspections. Mimi Foster shares a cautionary tale here: Tenant from Hades It was supposed to be a simple inspection. I’ve been a Realtor for decades an...
The Reality of Discount Realty READ PART 2 "These are the times that try men's souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman." ~ Thomas Paine speaking of REA...
Continued From Part 1 What drives REALTORS®  What this strategy does is allow REX to double-end or represent both sides of the deal, thus making the 2% they do charge, which is only .5% below the average commission these days paid. We’re seeing many 5.5% - 5% - 4% listings in our San Diego MLS. A...
The Riches in The Niches I'm Finding In RCS-D I feel funny entering my own contest, but some insisted, so here I go... Ironically, my July Contest: Your Riches Are In The Niches! was my entry in the May 2018 Contest hosted by Debe Maxwell, CRS: ActiveRain Challenges & Contest Ideas - What's Yours...

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