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Tarahumara Arnulfo Quimare and American Scott Jurek in the climactic ultra race described in Chris MacDougall's Born to Run.   I've never run with the Tarahumara. I don't think I've ever seen a living Tarahumara, but you never know. As they say, "Indians are everywhere." But I'd sure like to run ...
Rural counties in California do not exactly require septic system inspections when real estate changes hands, but the county Environmental Safety Departments do offer their approval when septic companies address these twenty-five septic system items.  Continue reading
There are city geeks who live a happy binary existence messing around with electrons and assorted technological marvels.  And there are country geeks, like me, who get off on perfectly installed septic systems and witching the exact spot to drill a well.  Here's more bucolic geekery.  How much d...
Check out this cool pad.  It's currently the most expensive home for sale at Lake of the Pines, California. We tried to market it as the Malibu House, but everybody around here has always called it the Miami Vice House because of the ultra modern architecture, especially as seen from the lake.  ...
We really thought this one might get us.   If the fire fighters could not stop the 49er Fire (as it would come to be called) at Dry Creek Road, on the north edge of Auburn, California, the flames would race unimpeded across the tinder dry hills of Saddleback and Meadow Vista, easily jump the lit...
As a nation we have lost much of our general knowledge about farming.  Even though I put in an annual garden, I realize how little I really know about it.  My great grandparents knew a LOT about farming.  Papa and Mama Keel lived off their land in eastern North Carolina.  There they grew and sold...
For those of you thinking about living in the country, you need to know about irrigation.  Let me tell you right away that it is difficult and expensive to irrigate a large rural property from a private well, even a strong well, even with holding tanks.  You will be much better off buying a prop...

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