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Over the next few weeks I am going to blog on the topic of Real Estate Options, also called "lease to own" and "lease options."  The blogs will address several questions: Why option?  Motivations and benefits for buyers and sellers. How do you do it?  The documents required to establish an option...
A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog titled "Hooking Up Electrical Service in Rural Counties."  In the blog I was quite complimentary to the folks at the PG&E application desk.  Two respondents quickly fired off dissenting opinions.  Both said words to the effect:  "I hate PG&E."  Here is my summ...
Bad News Home prices will continue to decline through the end of the year and far into 2009. Home sales will continue to decline because of buyer anxiety over the economy. Home sales decline even more during the fall and winter. Bank owned homes (foreclosures, short sales, REO’s) account for almo...
Foreclosures and short sales are forms of “settled debt” as opposed to “paid debt.” Both are are highly damaging to your credit profile. From Vitek, one of the country’s biggest lenders: A foreclosure will result in a credit report deduction of 200 to 300 points. A short sale will result in a cre...
The benefits of home staging are statistically clear. Staged homes sell faster and for more money than their un-staged competition. Home Staging results in quicker sales and fewer price reductions than homes that languish on the market. First impressions are very important. Buyers often make thei...
When estimating development costs for raw land in Nevada County, California, one of the most difficult numbers to generate is the cost of bringing PG&E electric power to the home site. These notes may prove helpful in helping you create your own cost estimate in the least amount of time and with ...
Professional well drillers in Nevada County, California charge $18 to $21 per foot to drill with a minimum drill of 100 feet. The drilling fee includes 20 feet of casing into bedrock and a seal and cap.     100 foot well = $1800 to $2100 200 foot well = $3600 to $4200   300 foot well = $5400 to $...
There are two types of raw land: usable and un-usable. Un-usable land is worthless except for defensive purposes; to provide a buffer between usable land and the rest of the world. By the way, in most states you still pay taxes on un-usable land, so owning unusable land is worse than worthless. W...
How much will it cost to put in a septic system on a parcel of raw land? The rough estimates below for Percolation and Mantle Testing (aka Perc and Mantle) were compiled in consultation with three different engineers with offices in Nevada County. The figures represent average costs for testing a...

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