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Articles of interest to home stagers and real estate agents to improve understanding of the business of home staging (or real estate staging, house fluffing as it's also called).
When you're 100% dependent on real estate commissions for your livelihood, quality referrals are key. Without new prospects coming into your pipeline, you can't build your real estate business. Some of the typical ways real estate agents find new prospects include: Attending networking events. Di...
Lots of people jump into becoming real estate agents without thinking through what the day-to-day career really entails. They may not even realize there are related careers that will give them the "real estate buzz" without being an agent. Some who are studying for their real estate license, or ...
Real estate marketing pretty much comes down to business cards, advertising, networking, social media, websites, blogs, signage and open houses. As much as we'd like to pretend otherwise, how we look counts for a lot. Since many real estate agents include their head shot on business cards, For Sa...
Are you thinking about gifts for your real estate or home staging business clients and prospects? It’s tricky figuring out the best approach. Get it right and you can actually boost your business for 2013. Get it wrong and you might inadvertently offend the people you want to impress, or send the...
The post by Pacita Dimacali on Active Rain Still Holding Open Houses? That's Old Fashioned makes great points about why this real estate marketing tactic still works and why agents should do open houses. Unfortunately, sometimes real estate agents make mistakes that scare away potential clients! ...
We all know what "quaint", "cosy", "gem", "first time on the market in 25 years" mean in real estate ads. But how far do you go to try and make your latest listing sound attractive to potential buyers? I'm writing this not as a home stager or home staging trainer. I'm writing as someone who perso...
It seems crazy to me that there are so many home stagers in California, yet a builder in Burbank has come to me to help find him a home stager for a staging job on three vacant condos. Yet this happens all the time. I've posted over 400 home staging jobs at the Home Staging Business Report. For t...
I recently finished reading Seth Godin’s Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?, which is written for people still toiling away inside corporations but it offers some interesting insights that we can use as real estate and home staging professionals too. Godin argues that every workplace has traditiona...
Charlie Dresen's recent post, "What Do Realtors and Bookstore People Have in Common?" inspired me to write this. I'm not a real estate agent, but I've been a client of many agents while buying and selling 8 homes in 4 cities. I believe real estate agents today are in much the same position travel...
I loved the Active Rain blog post Rich Real Estate Agent, Poor Real Estate Agent and accompanying report. It has a lot of great examples of the differences in marketing activities of both groups and the resultant earnings. Their research also found that rich real estate agents (those earning at l...

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