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  Good Afternoon,I hope you enjoyed the first weekend of winter (I mean spring). First, a big thanks to all Of you for helping spread the The Mortgage Call around. On Friday, we added our 200th recipient to the list. Let’s keep sharing this! Second, and I don’t mean to soapbox, but if you’re at a...
Good Afternoon,I hope you enjoyed the weekend and the holiday yesterday. I’m sure for some they’re still wishing today was an off day.On today's call: Markets, Housing, Real Estate & Taxes part 2, Interest RatesThe markets opened lower today but are back towards positive territory as they near s...
Good Afternoon,It was a weird weekend with the time change…always seems to mess me up. I hope you had a good weekend and did not get messed up by it. Either way, I know I like the snow better than the rain, but at least it got a little warmer, right?On today's call: Markets, Housing, Real Estate...
  Good Afternoon,I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I was a little under the weather, but nothing like another Hawk win to make me feel better! I saw some old friends and that’s always fun. Hopefully the storm that’s predicted doesn’t damper your week. On today's call: Markets, Housing, Discount Po...

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