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Good Afternoon,I hope you had a good weekend. I happened to see Argo on Saturday and while it was an excellent film, I guess I was kind of surprised that it won best picture. I wasn’t surprised to see the Hawks win another one though!On today's call: Markets, Housing, Interest RatesThe markets o...
Good morning,   I hope you enjoyed the long weekend. If you had to work yesterday, I’m sure all the President’s thank you. I left the auto show yesterday wondering if there was any car there that wasn’t overpriced. I still can’t think of one!   On today’s call: Markets, Housing, Home Equity Line...
  Good Afternoon,I hope you had a nice weekend. If every winter day could be like Saturday, I’d be a happy man. It reminded me of when I lived in Lake Tahoe…too long ago! I’m also happy that our Blackhawks are still undefeated in regulation…incredible.On today's call: Markets, Housing, Title Insu...
Good afternoon... Bond markets are showing improvement today but have taken a real beating overall for the last couple weeks. Lots of positive economic signs are giving investors optimism, despite looming isssues such as the budget sequester, debt ceiling, and continued uncertainty in Europe. In ...
Good Afternoon,I hope you had a great weekend. That was one of the most exciting Super Bowl’s in recent memory. Even with the power outage, Nielsen Ratings reported it as the highest rated event in their history. We are suckers for plot twists, right?On today's call: Markets, Housing, Second Hom...
The bond markets reacted favorably today to the unemployment level remaining relatively unchanged at 7.9% after today's job news. The Dow is close to it's highest level on record so investors are currently divided on the state of the economy apparently. If you know of someone looking to purchase ...

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