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Good Afternoon,How long can we stretch this weather out? I’m assuming we’ll get some nasty weather in a few days, thanks to the after effects of the Sandy. Anyone else wondering if this storm wasn’t manufactured to disrupt the election? I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I know that weather can b...
  Good Morning,I hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the weather. If I’m able to play tennis towards the end of October, I can’t complain.On today's call: Markets, Housing, Bank Statements, Interest RatesThe stock markets were down today as investors are remaining cautious in light of many di...
Good Morning,I’m still in a state of boredom with no hockey, but thankfully the Bears only have one bye week per season. Did you happen to see the guy jump from 22 miles above the earth? I heard it took him 7 years to prepare for that…incredible. Let’s get to the news:On today's call: Markets, H...
  Good afternoon…   I apologize for the delay in getting this week’s email out. It was a nice long holiday weekend and I apparently forgot it ended yesterday. I hope it was relaxing for you. Let’s get to it:   On today’s call: Markets, Housing, Should I Payoff My Loan? Interest Rates   -        ...
  Good morning..   As my beloved baseball team finishes up this season losing a division they should’ve won, and as my beloved hockey team sits idle for an indefinite period, I take comfort in the hope that my beloved football team will go get a win in Dallas tonight. I can also take comfort in ...

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