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Good Morning, Hopefully you haven’t been waiting too anxiously for this email. I apologize for the delay…I had two closings this morning that I needed to attend. I hope the weekend was good for you. On today's call: Markets, Housing, Bankruptcies, Interest RatesThe stock markets were down today ...
Good afternoon… Everyone who owns a home or is in the market for one knows that rates are at record lows. What they might not know is that there are a couple factors prohibiting them from declining further.   Basically, banks lend their money at a lower interest rate then what they charge the cu...
  Good Morning,It’s a beautiful day and hopefully that will help lift the spirits of Chicago teachers and CPS so they can resolve their issues. I think it’s definitely close, or at least closer than the NHL is to coming to an agreement with the players association. There are no strikes in the mo...
Good Morning,I hope the weekend was fun. On Saturday I was saying that fall is in the air, but It’s going to heat up into the mid-80’s this week so I’m glad I stand corrected.On today's call: Markets, Housing, Asset-Based Lending, Interest RatesLast week saw multi-year highs in the major indexes...
Good afternoon,   After a few days of moving away from bonds, investors flight to safety back to them today was pretty substantial. All three major averages posted sizeable gains for the week, but investors were not excited about the weak government jobs report. The time for the Federal Reserve ...
Good Morning,I hope you had a great holiday weekend. I celebrated labor day by doing what else? Yep, working. I hope you at least were smarter and took the day off. There’s a lot going on so let’s get to it.On today's call: Markets, Housing, Down Payments, Interest RatesThe first trading day of ...

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