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  Good morning…   It was a beautiful weekend in the city and I ate too many burgers at Burger Fest but hopefully you’re weekend was just as fun!   On today’s call: Markets, Housing, Rental Income, Interest Rates   -          The stock market is down sharply today, with the Dow close to 130 point...
Hi everyone…   It seems as if we’re at a paradoxical point in this housing “recovery.” Home sales figures are declining but home prices are increasing. This seems like a very big catch-22. And it is: Buyer interest remains solid throughout the country, thanks to record low rates. But inventory c...
        Good morning…   I hope all is well as we kick of the week. Other than one downpour that nearly flooded my car (thanks to the back windows open), I don’t remember when we’ve had consistently good weather for so long here! Here we go… On today’s call: Markets, Housing, Fannie Mae Homepath, ...
        Good morning…   I finally feel like I’m back to work after a sleepy week where it sounded like fireworks were going off even when they weren’t.     On today’s call: Markets, Housing, Proceeds Reminder, Interest Rates   -         The stock markets are still reeling from last week’s disappo...
  Good morning…   I hope you had a nice weekend and are looking forward to a break during the week…those are fun, right! If you were near the lake yesterday…those clouds were very dark, yet there was barely any rain. Something strange is going on with the weather. Well, anyways…   On today’s cal...

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