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  Good morning… I hope you took advantage of the continuously great weather this weekend. Next year, I’ll remember to run my errands when the Pride parade is not going on! Let’s get started…   On today’s call: Markets, Housing Appraisal tips, Interest Rates   -        The European debt crisis se...
  The last couple of days on Capitol Hill have been closely monitored by many professionals in the housing industry. The Federal Open Market Committee released a statement yesterday in regards to economic conditions. Their main goal, as it should be, is to accommodate the recovery as best as pos...
    Good morning… I hope you had a good weekend and are staying cool…the summer heat is hitting us just as Obama’s visit stalls traffic for another week or so. It took me an hour to get to an open house that’s normally 15 minutes away from where I live…but at least it was worth it!   On today’s c...
As of yesterday, the new FHA guidelines for streamline refinances are officially in effect. This is a huge move by FHA as it should allow millions of people to refinance their current FHA loans without incurring the high costs associated with the program.   At Chicago Financial, we’ve confirmed ...
  Good morning…   I went ahead and forgot my sunscreen at home again and now I feel like I’m in a mobile sauna. I hope you all enjoyed the great weather this weekend and aren’t too sunburn! Here we go…   On today’s call: Markets, Housing, Gift Funds, Interest Rates   -        The stock market st...
  It's great to get good news in the housing industry isn't it? According to the Illinois Association of Realtors, home sales increased almost 16% statewide in April compared to one year ago. On a more local level...home sales in the Chicago area (including single family homes and condos) are up ...
  Good morning… I hope it was a good weekend. A friend of mine bought a massage chair and I tried it yesterday. It probably costs a ridiculous sum but I can’t think of more things I’d rather overspend on. I think my back is properly aligned for the first time in a while. Let’s get to it:   On to...

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