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Hello… I hope you had a great weekend. I’m trying to protect myself from catching a cold (and from the NATO security – that’s going to be nuts!)   On today’s call: Markets/This Week, Housing, Interest Rates   -          Lots of mixed economic news this year, especially last weeks’ GDP report show...
Good afternoon…   Another delay this week…I apologize. Hopefully you weren’t waiting on the edge of your seats. It’s colder in April than early March..hmm?Nope, just Chicago. Maybe it’ll help the Hawks win tonight! On today’s call: Markets, Housing –Good news for Illinois!, Rates   -         It s...
Good afternoon…   It’s been a wild day so far and I apologize for the delay. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of an element I loathe more than wind!   On today’s call:  Market Update (new!), Housing, Interest Rates   -          I’ve been going to seminars and various educational series f...
Good morning…   I hope you had a nice holiday weekend. I think the weather in March made me forget how deceiving the temps can be in this town. I think I have at least 3 different jackets in my car! If you had any open houses, I hope they went well.   On today’s call: Markets, Housing News, Rates...
Thanks to a disappointing jobs report, and the biggest weekly stock decline this year, bonds are rallying and rates are creeping back down. We're seeing them do their best to dive under the 4% barrier for the 30 year fixed program. April also marks the beginning of "earnings season." This the tim...
Good morning…   It’s nice seeing more and more people turning out for open houses. I think with the weather getting nicer, there should be more traffic coming through. Don’t you? In other news, I turned a year older…still waiting for the wiser though. And since you’re receiving this email today, ...

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