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Hello!   I’ve been looking at a lot of market trends, both nationally, and locally here in Chicago. It’s pretty safe to say that, at least in major metro areas, buying a home is cheaper than renting. There are other obvious reasons why owning a home is a more financially savvy move, and the inves...
Good afternoon…   I’ve come to the conclusion that I can deal with any weather…as long as it’s sunny. It was a great weekend; I attended a couple open houses and it seems like there’s more activity these days. A good sign, indeed.   On today’s call: Markets, Pending Sales,  Facebook, Turn-times &...
Good morning…   I hope you were out enjoying this great weather. It felt like California! Sometimes I wish I still lived there but, I digress…   On today’s call: Markets, Housing and upcoming data, First-time buyers, Rates   -          The markets are relatively quiet to kick off the week, keepin...
I'm hearing more and more good news about the housing industry. And my business has picked up steadily in the first quarter. Yes, an improved economy will ultimately mean rates increasing, but honestly, it's the bigger picture that counts. Re/Max released the results of their analytics of home pr...
The school bell is ringing looks like class might be back in session :) On a serious note, the bond markets have been getting slaughtered for the last week. Investors have been running their risk in the equity markets. As such, the flight to safety in the bond markets has been getti...
Good afternoon… I hope you had a great weekend. I dropped by a couple of open houses on Saturday. I’m glad I did! I was able to pre-qualify 4 prospective buyers, with one of them making an offer that day!   On today’s call: Markets, Housing in Chicago, Closing Dates, Interest Rates   -          I...
Lately, many homeowners have been discouraged from refinancing their homes due to the high costs now associated with FHA. The rates are much better these days but since the mortgage insurance premiums have increased significantly, the monthly MI payment increase would essentially wipe out any pay...
Hi everyone… I apologize for the delay in getting this out…I was in Florida last week and am getting back into the swings of things (in addition to applying aloe to my sunburned forehead)   On today’s call: Markets, RE Investing, FHA, Interest Rates   -          The markets are kind of flat today...

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