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Hi everyone... Yes, change is in the air...and there's been a lot of it for me lately. Sometimesyou think something appears to be one way, when it in fact is not completelydifferent...just slightly off. And in the interest of my clients, I have to act fast. On today's call: Markets, Housing, Gift...
Things are looking a little shaky with rates lately, as they've spike over the last week or so.   The 10yr benchmark yield is on the move up.  Right now it looks like the breakthrough yield point (the point where rates will make another move upwards) is at approximately 2.10%, with a further rate...
Good morning…   It’s a beautiful “winter” day today and even though it’s a holiday I’m working! I know you don’t take much time off, so neither do I J   On today’s call: Markets, Housing – important numbers, Interest Rates   -         It looks like the debacle in Greece might be finally resolved....
You may have heard of the Obama administration's announcement of this "settlement" last week...with a price tag of $25 billion. If you're a homeowner, I'm sure you have. In my opinion, this is nothing more than a deal between the government's and the 5 largest servicers. They're the real winners ...
Good morning… I hope you had a nice weekend. Things are picking up here now that I’m pretty much settled into the new gig. It’s so much less stressful here than at the big banks!   On today’s call: Markets, Housing industry and the $25 billlion joke, Rates   -          The Greek parliament approv...
Good afternoon…   As you can see, I’m broadcasting from a different location now. I’m really excited about this new opportunity, especially as we’re turning files into closings in 30 days on average (versus 70-100 days at the big banks).   It’s been a busy week on Wall street and in the mortgage ...
Good day to everyone... It's been a week of change for me and I will have more information on that starting Monday, hopefully.  The week ended with a flurry (thankfully, the weather didn't!). The Dow is up over 142 points, mainly on the heels of positive economic news, especially the jobs report....
I read an article a while back that introduced the idea of an adjustable balance mortgage. The two university researchers who propose the idea that the ABM would capture the risk of house price declines to minimize default risk from declining asset value while still retaining contract rates near ...

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