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Good morning... I hope you had a nice weekend. I still can't believe we're havingmid-Fall weather but I'm not complaining! Hopefully this doesn'tmean February is going to be the ice age. On today's call: Markets, Housing, Interest Rates - The Dow is down as we begin the week, amid continuing tur...
Good morning... I hope you had a good week. It's been somewhat quiet in the markets and rates haven't done too much. But that doesn't mean there's nothing to say. I saw an article this morning that said the US gross domestic product grew at 2.8% annual rate, it's fastest pace since the second qua...
Good morning... I hope it was a good weekend. I was in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee so watch the Blackhawks do their best minor league hockey impersonation...but it was fun nonetheless! On today's call: Markets, Housing, Interest Rates  - Markets have improved slightly so far today but investor...
Good morning... I hope you had a good week and are staying it's cold! This shortened week saw no less frenzy than any other, in my opinion. The European debt crisis, especially Greece, is a show that won't end anytime soon. It looks like their bond-swap negotiations with the central ba...
Good morning,  I hope it was a nice holiday weekend for you and your family.  On today's call: Markets, Mortgage Changes, Interest Rates  - The S&P ended up downgrading 9 countries in Europe. But     according to the markets today, the Dow is up a good amount     on the better-than-expected econo...
Good afternoon... Winter is finally me crazy, but I love it. I can do without the bone-chilling cold, but snow is the best! It's been an interesting week in the markets and the political spectrum as well. News of imminent attacks overseas and the worsening debt crisis problems in Euro...
Good morning... I hope you all had a nice weekend. Let's get right to it... On today's call: Economy, Housing, Interest Rates  - Bond markets are rallying considerably today (good news     for mortgage rates!) but there's much speculation that the     crisis in Europe could get worse still (bad n...
Hi everyone, I hope it wasn't too hard for you to get back into the swing of things during this first week of the year. I don't think anyone from Chicago is complaining about mid-50 weather in January! There's been a steady wave of decent economic news lately, but it seems that investors are stil...
Good afternoon and Happy New Year to you! So far it's been a quiet start to 2012 and I'm already looking forward to the temperature rising to 50 by this weekend! On today's call: Markets, Housing, Interest Rates In what seems like a political move, it was announced today that the Federal Reserve ...

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