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Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great Holiday. As you might've guessed, this is the Pend last Wrap Up of the year. I know you're all getting ready for another long weekend, so I wanted to give you some things to ponder into 2012... As we finish up 2011, it's good to know that many key indexes i...
Well...that remains to be seen... There are some factors I think will allow the industry to at least start rebounding. There are also a few that will stunt this process. After all...median home prices have dropped close to 40% nationwide over the last 5 years. Ouch. Hopefully the, "there's only o...
Hi everyone, I meant to have this post up sooner so I apologize if you've been waiting on the edge of your seat...  The fog has finally cleared after the HARP 2.0 guidelines were unveiled. Many lenders won't be able handle these loans until well into 2012. Thankfully I can! As expected, it's the ...
Hi everyone, THought I'd send you this article in regards to inspectors. I've had many clients have issues with theirs. You need to make sure your inspector is reputable and thorough and doesn't have ulterior motives.  Check out the article now!
This article is particularly relevant to those who live in Illinois...but I'm sure it could be said for most States too... If you need to start the loan modification process, talk to the bank who holds your mortgage as well as a reputable attorney. Do NOT pay money up-front to a company offering ...
Good morning... I hope you had a nice weekend. It seemed to go very quick for some reason. I guess spending money on gifts can do that! On today's call: Markets, Housing, Interest Rates  - The markets opened today relatively quiet, with the      Dow down about 40 points as of now. The House      ...
If you are a homeowner, don't be a victim of property fraud! It's the fastest growing white-collar crime. I've had 2 clients get burned by this. It's not fun! Go to and sign's free! You'll be alerted anytime a document is recorded with your information. Pass thi...
12/18/2011 know the rest! Please refer this post to those you know who are looking to refinance. They can contact me at any time this weekend. The Refinance Special expires at 11:59pm CST on Sunday! (See paragraph 4) _________________________________________________________________________________...
Much legislation has been introduced and discussed about the problems with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two government sponsored agencies (GSE's). Currently, these two agencies own 90% of the mortgages in this country. More stability in the securitization of mortgage debt and the increase in t...
Good morning... I hope you had a good weekend. If you were anywhere near Michigan Avenue I hope you made it out alive! :) On today's call: Housing markets, Appraisals...ugh!, Rates  - According to the ratings agency Fitch, the housing industry     will continue to decline in 2012, but it will "fi...

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