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Last week both my Broker, Randy Krise, CCIM and myself wrote our opinions of what we felt Commercial property trends were going to be in 2012.  Since then, I have heard from other Commercial Agents and read other articles with their predictions.  One thing that was pretty common on all lists was ...
Fort Myers, Florida has many sculptures around the city.  My daughter and I took a walk in Downtown Fort Myers and here are a few of the hundreds of sculptures in the area.  Enjoy or better yet, come visit our friendly city of Fort Myers on the Gulf of Mexico!  
Yesterday, I posted my Broker's opinion of Commercial Real Estate trends for 2012.  Today, I am posting my opinions of trends my research sees developing for the coming year. I have mentioned in earlier blogs, land investment is bringing great returns on investment, especially agricultural land. ...
Randy Krise, CCIM, is the broker/owner of Krise Commercial Group in Ft Myers, Florida. Randy is the Florida CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) Chapter Vice-President of Administration for 2012.  Recently Randy was asked to write an article on the Commercial Real Estate outlook for 2012...
In my research, I have been finding many articles and statistics that have drawn my attention to Agricultural Land as an Investment Property.  I must admit I have been lax in watching these properties.  A recent conversation with an owner of a very large farm changed my mind.  Last year he netted...
Commercial Alliance Group...sounds a bit intimidating doesn't it, but it' actually a very positive group.   The group was formed this year at our local Board of Realtors and the Director of the MLS.  The group has Realtors in both Commercial Real Estate and Residential Real Estate as well as the ...
I have many new investors and agents consytantly asking about Commercial real estate terms.  I am going to list a few of the most basic terms and definitions here.  Not really exciting info but necessary none the less. Annual debt service (ADS) - The total amount of principal and interest to be p...
Yesterday, the Federal Reserve Board posted it's "SUMMARY OF COMMENTARY ON CURRENT ECONOMIC CONDITIONS" with all Twelve municipal districts reporting.  This information is important to any Real Estate Agent Commercial and Residential to keep tuned with what is happening Nationally as well as in t...

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