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I receive many calls and emails from people wanting to get started in Property Investment.  Most of the conversations start with "I have $xx to spend, what can you get me for this?"  My answer is always, "what's your plan?"  The first thing a new Investor needs is a solid plan and a solid, knowle...
Point 1 - Commercial leasing of retail spaces has increased slightly and is showing signs of continuing to increase. Point 2 - Baby Boomers are retiring and moving to Florida. This feels like an old logic test question in school, but how are these two points related?   Being of Baby Boomer age (b...
I took some pictures the other day of 16 businesses with signs announcing their opening or they are coming soon.  I talked with an accountant friend the other day and she said she was getting several new clienys that had grown a business in their home and now needed to lease Commercial office or ...
This was too funny and needed sharing.  This picture is from Rachael Rafanelli from local TV station WINK-TV.  Alligators are known to roam quite a bit during mating season in search of a potential mate.  Gives new meaning to the phrase "on the prowl".  Made my morning start with a smile, hope it...
Everyone keeps telling me everything is getting worse in Commercial Property.  I am not an eternal optimist but like to think of myself as a realist.  Yes, the Real Estate market is unstable.  Yes, the foreclosures are not over.  Yes, more Commercial Property owners are facing Bankruptcy.  I know...
In an article in the June 30 edition of the "Washington Post with Bloomberg" online, this video was posted with an interview with Mr. Gary Garrabrandt, the CEO of Equity International. Click on Blue Blog title to see the video.  Thanks!  
This thought was posted by my friend, Armando Narji, on his website for the Lee County Chamber Networking event.  Armando is also the owner of Mafia Printing - a full service printing company.   A wise woman who was traveling in the mountains found a precious stone in a stream.  The next day she ...
Year # Month Filed #  #Disposed Difference Clearance Backlog                 2011 1 January 341 1,444 1103 423.46% 13,155 2011 2 February 315 1,837 1,522 583.17% 11,562 2011 3 March 347 2,431 2,135 717.05% 9,688 2011 4 April 351 1,735 1,384 494.30% 8,356 2011 5 May 339 1,550 1,211 457.23% 7,314 ...

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