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No, you do not need to settle in with a glass of wine, a comfortable chair and your robe to read the 25 million reasons.  It is actually one reason repeated 25 million times.  The Fort Myers Regional Partnership has $25 million to help businesses relocate and expand into Fort Myers, Florida.  The...
That would be a great headline, right?  With the unfortunate heat wave and drought that is affecting our country, maybe people are even picturing land being so sweltering that it is bursting into flames!  As cool as that might sound to us sci-fi geeks, the truth is that Land sales are increasing ...
On August 1, 2012, I heard an announcer say that it would be an uneventful night for American Olympic swimmers since Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and Missy Franklin had no individual events.  Sounds like a ho-hum night, maybe we should flip channels and watch Survivor.  But that night became a his...
In January, I posted my predictions for the year for Commercial Real Estate.  Read my predictions. The year is a little bit past the halfway mark so I thought I would post an update.  Land sales are still slow but ahead of last tear.  Developers are re-opening projects that have sat dormant for s...
In the past I have suggested to Newbies in Real Esate Investing to specialize in an investing niche.  But lately, I have received many messages from new Investors asking "But where do I start?".  It made me think back to where I started getting my initial information.  Market knowledge is essenti...
A very simple, basic definition of an income-producing property is that it should produce income....DUH!  Now with that being said, how does a Real Estate Investor figure out if the property has a good cash flow.  One method is believing the Seller, after all, why wouldn't you just believe the Se...
I wrote this blog earlier in the monthabout the need to start paying attention to the largest population sector to ever retire in out history. Commercial Retail Properties and Baby Boomers   Today, I found a long article in the Huffington Post that expands on this topic as well as giving more spe...

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