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Whether you are a new Realtor or one of those "I've been a Realtor for 30 years honey" you probably ask yourself the question at some point where is my business coming from and how do I get more.  Well, the answer to this question will depend partially on who you are trying to attract and by the ...
  I have only been on AR for two week, actually it will be two weeks this Friday.  I had a Blog featured in my first week and didn't even know what it was when I saw the star next to my blog.  I am not a big blogger and only started doing this because one of my KW friends said it would be good fo...
I am humbled by all the responses and I appreciate all of your comments.  My goal was never to cause a debate but evidently some of you feel I am out of line in the way I approached my goal of taking more than my fair share of new listing for the Month of October.  In order to hit my goal of 200 ...
Every so often we read something that changes our life and I am doing just that right now but not how you think.  In 2002 a friend gave me a book to read and promised me it would change my life.  The title of the book is The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews.  It so touched my heart that I have re-...
Yesterday was August 1st.  So what right, well if you are a professional Real Estate Agent that focuses on taking new listings, you know that the biggest day of the month for new expired listings is the first of the month.  So, on Thursday I started prepping for the big day as I do every month.  ...

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