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Those of us familiar with MAD Magazine recognize the famous line from Alfred E Neuman, in the magazine.  To say the least it is a classic line.  It is something that I am feeling right now, what with the economy and now the impending Swine Flu Pandemic.  Does the media really think that creating ...
I was watching TV Monday Night, I had to watch the season finale of Chuck.  Anyway a commercial came on, and because I was watching the show in real time, I had to watch the commercials.  Normally, I TIVO shows and watch them at my convenience, and by pass the commercials.  I think that it was a ...
The NBA playoffs are well underway, and while I hope that my Jazz can at least make the Lakers work to advance, have Okur injured really hurts the Jazz's chances of advancing.  Basketball has been called a ballet in sneakers.  I don't know if I would go that far, but they are amazing athletes!  I...
I have struggled the past couple of weeks maintaining my enthusiasm and positive attitude about Real Estate, business and life in general.  As a result, I have been pouring over anything positive that I have written down, or have access to read.  I was going through some of my business emails and...
I have sat here for hours trying to think of what I could possibly write about that would be a benefit to someone else out there.  I have been thinking of one of my favorite poems.  It talks about failure, success, time management, risks, rewards and life.  It is honestly one of the classic poems...
Here in Southern Utah it looks like that for the most part Spring has arrived.  The lawns are getting green and the trees are blooming with leaves soon to jump out and create a beautiful green also.  Lawnmowers and weedeaters are being used throughout the neighborhoods around Cedar City.  Kids ar...
We returned late last night from a trip to Victorville, California.  That is the reason that we have been absent from the 'Rain the past several days.  Darcy's parents live there so that was one of the reasons for the visit.  All I can say, is wow, winter to summer in less than 5 days!  I am not ...
I spent some time thinking what to blog about.  There have been some incidents with other Realtors that provide great blog material, but in do so would have been looking at the negative side of things.  I am trying to get those thoughts out of my system, so they won't do to blog about.  I am hopi...
I spent a couple of hours Saturday afternoon going through some old boxes of stuff that we had stored in the basement.  It is time to clean out the basement and to get rid of stuff that is no good or that we really don't use.  In doing this, we have found a lot of old notebooks, photographs and j...
The Las Vegas Review Journal in their best of Las Vegas edition, named Cedar City as the best Utah getaway destination.  This is a great honor, much of our tourism comes from the Southern Nevada, Las Vegas area.  One of the chief reasons for this honor, is the variety of activities, the mountain ...

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