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I was sitting thinking that 1) I should be in bed, and 2) that I have been lazy writing blogs the past couple of weeks.  I have been able to write a few this week, but combined with last week, I haven't done a lot of writing.  I know that everyone is worried in some way, shape or form about what ...
We had an office training on the technology that ERA provides us as agents to help us succeed.  There is a lot there to help us, much of which I will admit, we haven't used the way that we probably should.  That's alright, there is time to correct some of these things.  One thing that I found ama...
We had a training in our office this afternoon on using the internet applications available to us through ERA.  It was good training.  Out of the training I got some good information and found out that there is a lot of things that I am paying for and not using.  Anyway, there was a great quote t...
I ahve been trying to get involved in the Social Media aspect of networking for business, but I will admit that I have gotten caught up in the sociality of the process.  A short story, I spent most of my young life in the same town.  I was in my thirties when I moved away.  When I lived in Woods ...
After a morning trip to the dentist for my checkup, I have to say that I learned a valuable lesson.  I have to go back and have some cavities filled, and possibly a crown.  I do a good job of brushing my teeth, but I have to be honest, I am horrible at flossing my teeth.  I have just never liked ...
When I was a kid I remember hearing a Sonny James song with the title "Do What you Do, Do Well."  I was just thinking about what to blog about when out of nowhere that line popped into my head.  The song written by a fellow Utahn, Ned Miller, has some sage advice to each of us. Do what you do do ...
I haven't been able to find any real cool photographs this week, so I thought that I would go back and do a quote instead.  I know that a picture is worth a 1000 words, so I will have to keep working on it.  I again was going through some of the motivational quotes that I have and came across a g...
This Sunday is going to a hectic one.  I usually like to relax and enjoy as much time off as possible on Sundays, but today after Church Meetings, we're driving to my sisters home in Northern Utah.  Since both of my parents have passed on, we don't get together as often as we should.  This is act...
Back when Darcy and I were dating, a song by Tracy Byrd best described what I felt .  I wish that I had the words to describe the feelings of love and admiration that I have for my sweetheart.  So if the members on the 'rain with bare with me, I want to share those words again with Darcy, with th...
Change is inevitable, we have all heard that, in fact most of has said that.  In the current economic situation that we're in we are all seeing it.  I don't know if I have ever mentioned it before, but I am a fanatic of CSI, the original.  I think that I have seen every episode, thanks to Tivo!  ...

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