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Dry cleaning is usually so expensive that you're glad that most dry clean only clothing items can be worn more than once before you have them cleaned.  I have read that men's suits for example shouldn't be dry cleaned too often.  I thought when I read that, it won't be a problem to follow that ad...
This building is known as Council Hall, it is now a State Visitor's Center and Travel Counsel.  It was originally Salt Lake's City Hall which was then located at 120 East and 100 South in Salt Lake City.  It was relocated in a joint effort and reconstructed on 300 North, across from the Utah Stat...
Darcy and I spent some time in Downtown Salt Lake last Monday.  We were able to take some great photos of some places that I have utilized in some of my recent posts.  This photo was taken in front of the Utah Tourism Bureau, and as I looked at the color of the Buffalo, I wondered is this where t...
Technically The Habit shouldn't qualify as a localism post, it is a chain out of Santa Barbara, but they do almost no advertising.  I had never heard of this wonderful chain until Darcy and I decided to give it a try one afternoon. There was a fairly large line, and we thought, well, it must be g...
Just in case that you haven't gotten enough sweets I am going to hightlight a candy company which just happens to be a local company.  Mrs. Cavanaughs had been a Bountiful tradition for many years.  Now the company has a large factory and outlet store in North Salt Lake.  There are several stores...
I know that last week I posted an article about the great bakery at Dick's Market.  Well, we have another really great bakery in South Davis County, this one is located in Bountiful and is only a bakery.  It is Parson's Bakery, located in the mall off of 2600 South.   It has really good sweet thi...
If you have ever driven north on Interstate 15 in Davis County and looked atop the mountains to the east, you have undoubtedly noticed the round shaped radar components atop Francis Peak.  This is a radar sight which provides weather data to the University of Utah and the National Weather Service...
I wanted to share the third vehicle that we saw Monday in Salt Lake City.  I was amazed to see three beautiful vehicles like this just parked on the street in Salt Lake City, if there was a car show in the area, I had not heard of it. These cars were very beautiful! Another Work of Art!
Today I am featuring Utah's Family Fun Park, (at least according to the advertising), Lagoon.  Lagoon is located in Farmington, and it is Northern Utah's premier amusement Park.  Lagoon has been around since the late 1800's and on it's current site since 1886. I honestly had no idea that it was t...
I need to take a break from all the car photos.  I know that I love them, but I don't want to get people tired of all of the cars.  Nothing in Utah, says Summer like a nice, hot, Summer day in the Red Rocks of Southern Utah!  It really becomes Utah's Summer playground. Summer time in Utah.

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