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Want bragging rights and a Kindle?  Yeah, me too!  Correctly identify 6 Websites based on Facebook recommendations and the prize could be yours. Leave a comment below with your best guess for A, B, C, D, E & F by midnight on Sunday, January 29th, Pacific Standard Time.  All correct answers will b...
A recent FaceBook group debated the future of professional networking in real estate.  Is FaceBook the future of professional networking?  Is it LinkedIn?  Or ActiveRain? How do you use ActiveRain, FaceBook and LinkedIn to build your professional network, establish a reputation and trust, and gen...
Well folks, we're 3 days in and hopefully you're still pumped to make 2012 your best year yet. How are you fine tuning your life and business to ensure a successful and prosperous new year?  Whether it's personally or professionally the Chatter wants to know..... What are your 2012 Resolutions?  ...
Just before noon that little rumble in the stomach reminds us all that lunchtime is fast approaching.  Real Estate professionals keep some of the craziest hours between running appointments, showings and last minute scrambles to get the job done. Do you order a #1 and eat in the car en route to y...
Do listing appointments give you butterflies?  What about public speaking or a team meeting where you're presenting?  Did your super attractive waiter make you stutter over your lunch order?  How about flying or going to a party where you knew nobody.  We are all human and experience some form of...
We all roll our eyes when we see another dreaded ugg boot spam message or the new $77 coffee one that is going around.  Nobody cares that your cheap knock off Fendi shades are for sale!!  No I don't want you to write an essay for me.  So we hit "Report a Concern" and eventually they disappear. Mo...
A clip of last night's Two and a Half Men shows Ashton Kutcher nestled on the couch with his laptop.  The laptop is covered in stickers of companies which he is an investor for; Hipmunk, Foursquare, GroupMe and Flipboard.  CBS is saying they'll blurr out the stickers in future re-runs unless the ...
We all have that certain someone who pushes us when we think we can't trudge on any longer.  Someone who inspires, excites and amazes us in their ability to accomplish and believe.  This mentor may have changed throughout the years or it may be that same math teacher that didn't let you get away ...
We all dream of what we want to be when we grow up with most of us are in professions we never thought we'd be in.  When we were younger and learning the lessons of an honest's day work, it was very satisfying to get that paycheck.  The average person will have 7-10 jobs in their lifetime. What w...
Tattoos make a daily apperance on our baristas, co-workers, pirates and friends.  They're everywhere from ankles, shoulders and even on the inside of some's lips.  Seems like more people in the room have a tattoo than don't. Do you have a tattoo?  If so, do you try to ever hide it? Recent Chatter...

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