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A look on what's happening in and around Charlotte North Carolina, the hottest city in the South East. Reading and commenting on my blog has been known to cause hair to grow back, relationships to get mended, to increase your pay, and make you more attractive to the opposite sex.
Today, the U.S. Senate passed S. 4256: Help for unEMployed People or HEMP.  The program is designed to help homeowners facing foreclosure, cities facing blight, and the unemployed from the construction sector of our economy.   In phase one of the HEMP program, the government will start today purc...
About two years ago, I left my former office and relocated to another - leaving my phone number.  Now, I realize that some agents advertise their cell phone on EVERYTHING but I don't.  I have only one phone and it was getting overwhelming to have calls coming in all hours of the day and night fr...
The North Carolina Real Estate Commission has set out its guidelines on who is violating the rules when it comes to broker price opinions.  While this guy is as exciting as watching paint dry in a dark room, it is important to point out that there needs to be a reasonable expection that the agent...
My short sale real estate business is growing by leaps and bounds and to be transparent, it had been difficult stay up on all of my new files.  My prior system was a simple spiral bound notebook that I would keep notes in for each homeowner.  That way, I would easily reference my notes during ea...
For buyers who have faced a foreclosure event (foreclosure, short sale, or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure), you can buy a home again provided you complete the following.  If you are one of the millions of families that lost their home in the last couple of years to Foreclosure… you might think… Been...
No one likes to take a job, expecting to earn compensation, and then learning that it isn't so. In the real estate world, it happens all the time. When representing a buyer, it's a few days from closing when the buyer learns they lost their job or that they're being transferred. Sorry for your ha...
In 2009, 63,283 homes received a foreclosure notice in North Carolina Through November 2010, 63,589 homeowners received a foreclosure notice.   North and South Carolina are the Top 10 Foreclosure Hot Spots in the United States You Hold The Keys to Reversing This Trend Learn How You Can Help Stop ...
If you have an FHA loan and are possibly facing foreclosure, there's help for you in the form of the FHA Pre-Foreclosure Sale Program. Introduced in 1994, this program is one of the best short sale programs available in my opinion. For more information, you can read the entire program guidelines ...
The Mecklenburg County Tax Assessor's office is set to release it's reassessed real estate tax value for every home in Mecklenburg County starting this month.  Tax values were last set in 2003 in Mecklenburg and were delayed several times by the county commissioners "due to the economy."  Now, w...
On January 1, 2011, a new Offer to Purchase and Contract debuts and will be the basis for nearly all residential resale purchases in the state of North Carolina.  It is vastly different from it predecessor, which was written to benefit the buyer rather than the seller.  Here are the highlights: 1...

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