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This is another one of my silly posts but it really works. Before you toss out any eggs, usually around the date on the carton, fill a pot with water. If the eggs float, toss them out. If not, cook and enjoy! My wife still does not trust this method but it does work!!
I remember back in 2005 when there were lotteries to buy new construction homes. I was just looking at homes nearby my home and saw a listing of a home that had never been lived in. I did some more digging and noticed that the home was purchased in 2005 by a couple that took title as thier primar...
I know this sounds a little silly but this really works! Put small piles of cornmeal where you see ants. They eat it, take it home, and can't digest it so it kills them. It may take a week or so, longer if it rains, but it will get rid of those little buggers and won't hurt the kids, pets or envi...
I am shocked to hear that al Megrahi was just released and boarded an aircraft headed back to Libya, his home. He was responsible for 270 deaths in one of the largest terrorist attacks prior to 9/11. I usually do not comment on controversial issues but his one is unbelievable. Now he is allowed t...
  The program is called Home Path and it is a FNMA product that helps Fannie Mae get rid of the foreclosure homes that they currently own. The features of the program are  that no appraisal is required since the houses are priced to sell, no mortgage insurance requirement, only 3% down payment re...
Over 70 years ago President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed August 19th to be National Avaition Day. He did this because the date coincides the the birthday of Orville Wright, who piloted the Wright Flyer. Orville and his brother Wilbur piloted the first flight for all of 12 seconds and 120 feet! T...
I had to reblog this as my 16 year old was in tears when she viewed the video, very powerful and might save lives! Sandy DON'T !! Plain and simple, just don’t do it. In California it’s illegal and has been since January 1, 2009. Illegal, yet every single day I see numerous drivers willingly brea...
This is not rocket science as primates have been doing this forever but, did you know if you peel a banana from the bottom that you won't have to pick off the little stringy strands of banana? Also, if you take your bananas apart when you get home from the store they last longer. If you leave the...
The program in called "your way home AZ". The program is administered by the Arizona Department of Housing (ADOH) through approved lenders in the state. This program is also offered in all states! ADOH offers 22% in purchase assistance to qualified homebuyers purchasing a foreclosed home. The 22%...
You may have heard of "your way home Arizona". This article was recently reported by Lan Smith of ABC news. Arizona Department of Housing Director Michael Trailor announced Wednesday the availability of the Your Way Home AZ program for homebuyers in Maricopa and Pima counti...

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