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Want some good news?  Create it yourself.  When we blog, send newsletter and communicate to our customers, are we spreading good news about ourselves?  In one of the training sessions I conduct, I discuss how to use a newsletter effectively for Realtors and mortgage professionals.  The very top o...
Usually, I write a "Year in Review" article. Well, guess what? I really don't want to review 2008. Quite honestly, I think most of us would prefer to forget about 2008 all together. No need to recall bailouts and conservatorships and falling home prices and rising unemployment. Instead, I say le...
Two Recent Articles to Consider: It's official: The U.S. entered a recession in December 2007, according to the private National Bureau of Economic Research's business cycle dating committee   1:03 p.m. EST Dec. 1, 2008
FHFA (formerly OFHEO) just released their 3rd quarter House Price Index.  I find this report, which is published quarterly, to be very helpful.  It can tell you what home values are doing in every MSA in the country.  But what I think is really great is that it will break it down for you over the...
The $700 billion bailout plan is here and it is more than 400 pages long. I've had numerous Realtors and loan officers ask me how to explain the bailout plan to borrowers and how homeowners are going to be helped by this plan. So, in this article, I'll attempt to give you an overview of the plan,...
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have announced a temporary halt to all foreclosure sales on occupied single-family properties as well as to the completion of evictions from occupied single-family properties scheduled to occur from November 26, 2008 through January 9, 2009. For additional information, ...
Props to My Company I was reading the USA Today yesterday (11/20/08) and there was a chart in the Money Section that caught my attention. It said - "Have your company's leaders communicated with employees about how the current economy might affect the company?" The answer: 70% - No 29% - Yes 1% -...
If you were going to cold call a potential customer, wouldn't you want to know anything you could about the person before you made the call?  I know I would.  It is basically sales 101 - the more information you have on the potential customer, the better. So here I am sitting at my desk and my ph...
Tired of all the negative news?  Well check out this site - MSNBC ran a story yesterday that the number of first time homebuyers is on the rise.  Last year, the numbers were at 39% of all transactions and this year we are at 41%.  Is that a huge gain...
 Friday - November 14 - Cleveland, Ohio - House of Blues - Be there and help fight ALS and support Barry Winovich and his family (mortgage and real estate professionals).  It is a great cause and a great time - Buy your tickets today before it sells out.   For more information on Barry, the Found...

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