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In today's world, the most successful product marketing is that which connects emotionally with the product's buyers.  Additionally, buying a home is an emotional purchase, perhaps the most emotional purchase a buyer will make in their lifetime.  So, one of the most important things a seller can...
I lover color!  Color is a powerful decorating tool for creating mood and for unifying disparate materials and styles.  Colors work to trigger different parts of our brain and stimulate various types of thinking and behavior. Amazingly, people universally respond the same to different colors.  Th...
One of the most important things you can do when preparing a home for sale is to ensure you give the home an open, spacious feel.  This can sometimes be difficult because most of us have too much stuff!   Now it's great to have those things you love and those you just can't live without when you ...
The one thing that so many home sellers don't remember when preparing their home for sale is the Potential Buyer!! Do the tastes, styles and interests of buyers change? Are they geographically different? Are they different from neighborhood to neighborhood and home style to style? The answer is Y...
"Penny Wise and Pound Foolish", that's what the realtor said about the Home Sellers.  They are about to put an empty home on the market and their realtor told them it would help sell the home if they would have it professionally staged.  So the realtor contacted several professional stagers, incl...

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