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You've read the story and seen the video of the attempted bombing in Times square. What a screwball to attempt this in NY City.Let's pretend for a second he stole your car to do this and not used his own. If his attempt had been successful using your car, you would NOT have been responsible for a...
To yourself - what are you saying to yourself? We listen to others, what they have to say, their comments, their viewpoints but are you listening to the only one that matters? YOURSELF! What we say to ourselves (and we all talk to ourselves) will have infinitely more impact on where we go in life...
Most states are like NY State, where they don't sur-charge you (like auto insurance) for a claim. Watch this short video to find out. Tom Larsen, Larsen Insurance
What did you think? I think it was men & women behaving "on their best", as they knew the camera's were on. Nothing was accomplished, as they were going round and round about the subject. At least both sides were at the table but I didn't hear 1 good new idea out of the whole thing. Would love to...
  If I was in your industry, I would "farm" to my list of 700 or 800 contacts. If I want 100 sales this year and the average person sells every 7 years, I would need 700 contacts on my list (do your own math for your area). These would be past clients, friends, neighbors, business collegues, chu...
As the leader of your organization, you must be clear about where you are going, and what the destination will be like to get there.  To quote the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland:  "If you don't know where you are going, then it doesn't matter which road you take, does it?" Customers, inves...
No matter what your faith or who you follow, may the spirit of Christmas be in your heart to share & spread among family and friends over the holiday.   Merry Christmas.   Tom Larsen
There are certain companies out there say "do-it-yourself" or "name your price" insurance is now available! We guess what, it is available but at reduced protection for you & your family. When the only thing they focus on is price, something has to give and that is protection for you. I just quot...
As I am finishing up my monthly newsletter to my clients, I was wondering, how do you keep in touch? What tools, resources and ideas have worked for you? I have always used a monthly newsletter but am looking for some different ideas. Thanks.
For the Western New York Real Estate Investor association - Hearthstone Manor, 7:30 pm. National speaker, Nick Sidoti will be talking about managing & investing in real estate! This will be a good opportunity for new real estate investors to come and learn some tip & tricks to investing in real e...

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