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For 30 years (1980 joined) I belonged to Bally's Gym. Never given a free training, a free water bottle, a thank you, always just the bill every July. Thirty years and nothing but a bill. Their rented facility is starting to deteriate too and no money being put into upgarding the facility. I took ...
How will you be working it? Planning for 2011? Setting goals? Revising your business plan? I'd like to hear some idea sharing here, so we can help each other learn and grow to a more prosperous 2011!
Thank you all the men & women who have served, are serving and will serve our great country!   Whether you remember Armists Day or Veteran's Day....thanks!   Tom Larsen
I have made many video's on YouTube, some related to insurance issues, some not. My question to those who use video, where else do you post them? I have placed some on landing pages I have but where else should I be posting them? Thanks for your input!
Just dropped my daughter off for her senior year at Boston College. On the ride it got me to thinking - wonder what direction her life will take after this year? Where will she find a job? Live? Work? How about you? How did you end up in Real Estate? Would love to hear your story. I went bankrupt...
Today I needed some down time to think and plan. One of my favorite spots is Glen Falls in Williamsville, NY a very quaint and peaceful place. Water falling about 30 feet or so, some nice flowing water after it and some benches to sit on and clear your mind. A great spot for planning, goal settin...
My accountant didn't tell me about this, my Paychex payroll person did! If you hire a employee after 2/3/2010 and they did not work full time (40 or more hours week) the prior 60 days, then you as an employer do NOT have to match their FICA deduction in 2010. This basically saves you 6.2% of the ...
Like he was defending himself and his way of dealing with the oil spill. He did not act like a leader in my mind and should be down their with the fisherman and other's who cannot work now. Be active, get some plans in motion, put these people to work on the clean up! Stop defending you inactions!
Had a discussion with an insurance client of mine yesterday. He was livid at the court system and the housing court judge in Buffao, NY. Angelo is a 60 something year old man, of italian decent, who was born in Italy but has been here since 8 years old and a US citizen. Gives a Puerto Rican decen...
If you are a "baby boomer" like me, then you remember something from the 50's & 60's....the front porch. Their neighbors gathered to talk about politics, religion, sports, the weather and other hot topics of the day. It was a way to connect with your neighbors, as almost every house had a front p...

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