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I have been invovled in Mastermind Groups for over 6 years now and am starting another new one next week. I wrote a little about it here: If you aren't in one or never heard of one, pick up the book Meet & Grow Rich to learn. Then instead of waiting around...
  We have a quick blog post, explaining why you need to protect your home with proper auto insurance. Be a smart insurance consumer not a do-it-yourself one!
In trying to figure out what I want to change on my blog, I'd figured I would just ask! Who's blog do you like and follow? Are there certain things you like to see on someone's blog? What catches your eye? Just looking for some feedback on what makes a good blog and how I should change mine. Than...
I watched the memorials today. I saw the memories. I saw the children, now 10 years older. I cried. I prayed. I felt grateful to live here. I don't want to forget. Hatred never wins. Love one another. Hug a loved one. Make a difference. Do something kind today, tomorrow, when you can.  
Who's on your list? How are you communicating with them? Look at this quick story about my leasing a new car:  
I just left a comment on Stephanie Jacques blog because she was having a problem with a buyer due to a roof issue. Never, never, never let an insurance company tell you NO, it cannot be done! Guess what? Because THEY cannot do it doesn't mean it cannot be done! There are insurance companies out t...
The lost art of the Thank You Note! I just leased a new car yesterday and was wondering, what kind of follow up will I see from that car dealer? Think about your own purchases this past year - a stove or dryer, maybe a couch or TV? You know those places that have 5-6 salespeople, who take turns b...
DD (dear daughter) has been approved for the Peace Corp and just got her assignment on Monday - Moli. Any Peace Corp veterans or African experts out there who can enlighten me? They sent quite a package of material but, of course, it will be a little bit biased. So I am looking for real world exp...
 We just found our 3rd homeowner client in the last 2 weeks, carrying the very basic auto liability limits on their auto insurance policy. In NY State, those minimums are $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident and $10,000 of property damage. So let me paint a story for you to get the point. Let...
I believe this is one way and good agent can be much more successful than the average agent. With all the free, open source information out there and some good templates too, this is an easy way to add to your marketing efforts. Mine takes me about 45 minutes to do and with

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