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RECENT BLOG POSTS Insuring a vacant or tenant occupied building in New York. You do not have to use the NY Property Underwriters Association as a last resort. We have insurance companies that will give you liability protection too, which NYPIUA does not. Be a smart insur...
I use to be like many others and set my goals in Jan. But I have learned over the years that NOW is the time to set them and think about them daily. You need to hit the ground TODAY with your vision of what 2013 will be like. How will you do in your family life? Business life? Money Goals? Where ...
I went to 3 wakes & 2 funerals in the last 2 weeks, it brought to mind – was this life terrific? The one was my brother-in-laws dad, 86 years old, veteran and seemed like a good guy. I wasn’t close to him, didn’t know much about his life, so am not here to judge. Just to ask a question – was this...
Squirrels, Vermin and Your Homeowners Insurance Policy My next door neighbor feeds squirrels on a regular basis. I personally do NOT like squirrels and hate that they climb on my fence between our homes. Luckily, my dog (Major Mo) keeps them out of my yard with his barking and chasing after them....
Lots of small business owner's, self employed people (like Realtors) and real estate investors use professional people for advice. Have a tax problem? You are calling your CPA or accountant to ask how to handle the situation. Have a legal problem? I know you know attorney's that will take your ca...
This year I used Windows Movie Maker to turn my 2012 goals into a video. I am more a visual guy, so this has already definitely helped over my past years of written goals. Now I took out my bucket list and chose 3 items I'd like to cross off this year. I will add them later to my movie but I have...
  Williamsville, NY        You hear the squawking ads on TV, in your car, online – “Save 15%” or “We have the lowest rates” or “Nobody beats A*******” – their sole job is to make a sale, not protect you & your family correctly. They are under pressure to sell, sell, sell; regardless of the covera...
This week is a perfect week to do some goal setting for 2012. Something I've never done but am this week - create a "mind movie" with pictures and music, that I can start my day with. Instead of a written set of goals, I will have my own movie to watch daily - maybe even 2-3 times per day. Want t...
In my world of insurance, it seems like companies are buying each other up year after year. We knew this day was coming when out west (Seattle) giant, Safeco would be swallowing up a smaller company in Peerless Insurance. While we are not happy about it, due to Peerless great rates and strong rec...

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