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Greensboro offers some really fun and fantastic events. This weekend is no exception. Did you know that you are invited to Paris this Sunday, June 1st from 12-5, and the flight admission is free! This Sunday at the Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden they are hosting the Parisian Promenade with art...
Often when discussing updates you will hear people say, “You’ll get your money back when you sell.” That’s partly true. You will recoup some, or most of the money invested in your home depending on what the upgrade is.   Pictured is a list of remodeling jobs for Greensboro from the guys at remode...
Today we stray a bit from Real Estate to pause in honor of a National Treasure, Dr. Maya Angelou. As you surely have already heard, Dr. Angelou passed away this morning.           There are so many things that could be said of the author, poet, actress, singer, the list goes on….but her website s...
Let me share a little piece of real estate reality with you: Any agent can show any house. That’s right. Any agent can show you (and help sell you!) any property, regardless of which company that agent works for or is affiliated with. I repeat: Any licensed agent can show any broker’s listing. S...
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Hey y’all! I’ve been waiting for you! I mean, uh-hem, no, that is not a good idea. Here are some reasons I hear people say they want to be home when it is being shown, and the solutions to this question: Pets: They should be removed for all showings beforehand, or boarded if need...
Summer is almost here, and soon thoughts will turn to finding a way to cool off!  No pool, no problem, find a local swimming hole! Whether it be part of a lake, river, pond, stream, or creek, doesn’t matter, any body of water that’s got a spot deep enough for swimming qualifies as a swimming hol...
There are so many great, well qualified, and knowledgeable agents in the Greensboro area. Why should you choose Team Leung over any of the other guys? First, we agree, there are a lot of agents we respect and enjoy working with on a regular basis. With Team Leung, you get more than just an agent...
When you are considering selling your home and buying another, or buying for the first time, we will ask you to get a pre-approval from a mortgage lender. Often clients will say, “Yeah, I know I’ll be approved, that’s no problem.” Our thought is, well, that is great, but ya still need to get a p...


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