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The average home in Greensboro over the last year has risen $15,000 from $145,000 in August of 2013 to $160,000 in August of 2014. That is quite a gain, but we still are not back to the levels before the crash, and we may not get back there. If you have been considering selling your home, but we...
That depends on several factors. The biggest of those being is that the only thing “wrong” with the home you are trying to sell? Is everything else is good: solid surface counter-tops, updated appliances, new flooring, fresh paint, updated fixtures, professional staging, landscaping? The other fa...
      Our team is growing! We’ll be introducing you to everyone soon. We are adding more staff so we can serve you better! Also in the works a new fresh, clean, crisp website and blog! Check out our current site:  What do you like? What do you hate? Is there an...
You think you have found it, THE house!  Yay!  But wait, what do you really know about where you are moving?  It is really important you ride through a neighborhood and check it out.  What else is there, are the neighbors keeping up with their yards and trash?  No?  Hmmm that could be a bad indic...
I know that selling your house is stressful.  In fact, it’s among the top three most stressful situations you’ll ever have to deal with – right up there with the death of a loved one and divorce.  But managing that stress is the secret to a successful (and much less stressful!) sale. Start by ke...
What to do with your old PC, or that old box television that even Goodwill doesn’t want any more? Well, you can’t throw it away, because they are banned from landfills, and, of course, the right thing to do is to recycle!  But, how do you recycle electronics?  The city of Greensboro has made it ...
Hi friends! First of all, thank you for being a loyal reader of our blog. We hope you like what you read here and find the information useful! Today we are going to ask for your help with something. The best way, in our opinion, to find a new service provider, store, doctor, etc. is to ask someo...
There are many factors that go into buying (and selling) a home. But just like most buying decisions, particularly the big ones, in the end it all comes down to price. How much is your house worth? Or how much should you pay for that dream house you’ve got your eye on? Like all complex questions...
You don’t have to have 20% down:  
Moving with kids isn’t easy, heck, neither is moving without them! These 4 steps will help you Go Home Without Going Gray! 1. There’s no time like the present Don’t wait to tell your kids that you’re moving. The more time they have to process the move, the better. And the sooner you tell them, th...


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