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Hi Everyone!  Tuesday and cannot seem to push aside the hurt and sufferingI see and feel around me.  People are hurting and in which way can I bemost helpful ~ ~                                                                               ~Jane                                                    ...
Hi  Everyone!  Welcome to a new week here in 'TIME.'  We've an opportunityto make it a great week; the choice is up to us.                              ~Jane                                                            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."                 ...
Hi Everyone!  Happy Sunday to all - have a wonderful day!               Jane                                                              ~~~~~~~~~ "Your age doesn't earn you respect,  your behavior does."                                                                                            ...
Hi Everyone!  In this first week of those of us who have a list of 2019 new year resolutions, I chose a SELF-AWARENESS inscription near the entrance of the ancient Greek Oracle at Delphi.  I am aware of my personal 2019 challenges...I must be awake and prepared to meet them.  The ancient Delphi i...
Hi Everyone!  Sort of a peaceful and quiet time in the Sandbox...It is a littleovercast...wants to rain, I think...but, a perfect day for meditation andreflection.  I've just been to the place in my mind where my 2019 Goals andChallenges are filed and reviewing them.  Wishing you success withyour...
Wishing Everyone a Blessed and Holy New Year for you, your family, and your loved ones. For those of you that still believe in selecting carefully selected goals, I wish you success, a great learning experience, and that you enjoy and have some fun with them.  Here's a happy toast to all of us --...
Hi Everyone.  I wrote the following in a comment to a good friend's Christmas post here at ActiveRain.  Brought it along to the 'Sandbox' today.  I found it fun and meaningful; perhaps you will, too.                                          Jane                                                    ...
Hi Everyone!  Just chose some quiet, gentle and peaceful quotes for the day;   Looking for a little 'silence' today...:)                                             Jane                                                                                                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  "Silence ...
Hi Everyone and have a wonderful Sunday!   It is the beautiful season - Christmas time.  I went to Charles Dickens and his 'A Christmas Carol' for quotes of the day.       Jane                                                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Bah," said Scrooge, "Humbug.""No space of re...
Happy Thursday, Everyone!  We are just 5 days away from Christmas Day.  Life speeds on its way - perhaps too quickly.   Wishing you Peace, Love and Joy.                                                                                                                                Jane             ...

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