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Hi Everyone!  Just looking for a few random quotes to bring to the Sandbox.  I just love coming here and being able to spend time together as we talk over our days.  I love to hear what you experienced - enjoyed, found meaningful, learned, whom you met, and if you got hurt along the way, I want t...
Hi Everyone! I have been away from the Sandbox and all my friends the past few months -  off and on.  Recently, my life became even busier here in Chicagoland - preparing and selling a family home purchased 53 years ago.  I am trying to get back into the swing of ActiveRain.  So sorry -  I have b...
Hi Everyone!  Although my field is one of a Realtor;  got my Illinois license in 1979, my Florida license in 2007,  my background is psychology and I have been a counselor for years.  Perhaps it was the Mercury retrograde of July 27th, in combination with the Lunar Eclipse, same day, and preparin...
Hi Everyone on a beautiful Sunday.  Wishing for all of you the 'bestest' of days.   Jane                                                                                  ~~~~~~~~~~~"Some day you will find out that there is far more happiness in another'shappiness than in your own."               ...
Hi  Everyone!  Saturday and not too good of a day.  One of my main computers is sick  with  'BSOD' - BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH sickness.  Going to bring it into BestBuy Geek Squad on Monday.  I tried doing the Memory Diagnostic and following steps.  Know  I do not know enough on this to correct the si...
Hi Everyone!  Beautiful day in Chicagoland working on the sale of our family home of 53 years.  In 2003 the family began our move to Orlando where 8 of us switched real estate gears to a new state.  We eventually opened our own real estate firm in Central Orlando  - TeamConnect Realty.  Today we ...
Hi Everyone!  Been away for a week marketing one of our family homes in Chicagoland...Put it on the market June 27, 2018.... Wish us well, please.This particularhome has been in our possession since September 1965....almost  53 years....    Jane                                                    ...
Hi Everyone! It is about 8 minutes away from striking the midnight 12 bells.  Golly Moses, I have been so busy lately.  Brought my little box of quotes to the Sandbox and of course, no one is here; everyone has gone home.  I will sit here on the corner of the sandbox quietly for a few minutes.  T...
Hi  Everyone!  Through the years movies have perhaps played a role in our lives - there is a power in words, story lines, images -- a way of learning that goes back to even childhood.  Still recall BAMBI and the lesson being taught to one of the characters, 'Thumper': "If you can't say anything n...
Hi Everyone!  This afternoon at a luncheon with some of my friends, we played a little game; ~ part of it was to write down 3 movies we saw through the years that left a lasting impression of some kind. Further, what was the impression they left?  I kinds felt it was a lot of fun...had to make so...

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