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As you already know, the economy has been in the gutter, with banks failing, people losing their jobs and homes, companies going out of business, and many other horrible happenings. It has been said that this recession is almost as bad as the great depression of 1929. Traditionally, growth in ho...
We are so excited to be sponsoring ActiveRain!   If you can make it please join us!  http://activerainteam.com/local/Arizona   ActiveRain is Coming to Phoenix Arizona for A Half Day Workshop ActiveRain's Bob Stewart (ARBob) and Brad Andersohn (ActiveBrad) are Coming to Phoenix AZ    This will be ...
Lately, I've received several inquiries as to my previous post that stated to "NEVER PAY OFF YOUR COLLECTIONS WHEN APPLYING FOR A MORTGAGE".   I suppose that with good reason, many were a bit confused as to why I would say something like that.  More so, I found that many of the people who respond...
Most consumers are unaware that while renting may seem like a economical way to manage their money, they are actually losing out not only on historically low rates, prices and tax deductions but they are missing out on the US Government's 1st Time Home Buyer Tax Incentive. If you are paying rent ...
Interest rates have fluctuated around historic lows and are still at unbelievable lows. But they may not stay that way for long. So it makes sense to get moving on that home purchase or refinance you've been contemplating. But if you or if someone you know is making the move to take advantage of ...
It could not be a more perfect time for real estate professionals to market the Federal Tax Credit for First-Time Homebuyers.  Within 60 days from today, we are entering tax season and it creates an opportunity for families in search of buying a home to take advantage of this tax credit without i...

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