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It's a challenge for most real estate agents: Your customers have actually fallen in love with the house you're touring them through! But as their oohs and aahs subside, they start asking pointed questions about what their monthly "nut" (total monthly payments) would be, to help them decide wheth...
OK folks!  There is a lack of salesmanship going on in this industry that I have never seen in all my years in sales and marketing.  The old adage of "The customer is always first" has no chance in our industry.  Today is the 3rd REALTOR that I must call to tell them that their client fired them....
USDA has announced it will not receive its appropriations for fiscal year 2010 by October 2009.  It will experience a delay in approval of funds and will likely not see them until early 2010.  However, this will not affect "all" lending on USDA Home Loans.  USDA will make conditional loan commitm...
As a Loan Officer, I tell Realtors all the time.. Great your LO does great with what he suppose to do in the first place. What does he do to boost your business? As a Marketing expert (ask the people who know me) I have ideas that can make a significant boost in revenue. Why isn't my phone ringin...
As of 01/16/2010 90 Day Flip Rule has been waived for 1 year! FHA 90 Day Flip Rule Is Waived for 1 Year HUD has ruled on waiving the 90 day seasoning financing contingency for buyers. What does this mean?  Effective February 1st 2010, FHA/ HUD will not require that a seller of a property be on ti...
Hi Everyone, I found that a lot of my peers were not aware of this.  There is some good news and bad news depending on who you are representing.  Fannie Mae will restrict investors from buying any of their REO inventory for a period of 15 days.  They felt that it was eliminating buyers that were ...
I found this to be very newsworthy information since many of AR members have been really focused on FHA and the First-Time Tax Credit.  What a bumpy ride it's going to be.  Tell me what you think!  We are about to see a whole lot of lenders disappearing as a result of this.  In fact, as of Novem...
In the last couple of months, I have had the awesome opportunity to work with Brad Andersohn and Bob Steward from ActiveRain.  We all put together a very successful event in Phoenix, AZ for the Real Estate Industry which drew 470 REALTORS to the event.  Through the planning, I conducted research ...
ActiveRain Is Coming to Phoenix! SO WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? What I can tell you is that there are plenty of REALTORS and Loan Officers asking questions.  What is the big deal? What is ActiveRain anyway? Why should I even bother attending?" The other comment and belief is, "Socal Media? It's just a...
I am writing to show you a video about technology.  This video should make you think long and hard about our future as Americans and as real estate professionals.  Please comment on what you thought of the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cL9Wu2kWwSY  

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