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I will be flyging into Orange County on March 13th facilitating a WordPress Workshop.  This is for the Basic to Intermediate Blogger.  Would love to have you there.   You can RSVP to sroach@amerifirst.us or ted@tedcanto.com  
FHA Streamline Refinance in Arizona and California June 2012 For an FHA Homeowner who currently has an existing FHA loan that was endorsed/ closed prior to June 1, 2009, the MIP (mortgage insurance premium) are likely ”grandfathered” into a special guidelines designed by the FHA earlier this year...
HARP is alive and well in Arizona and California Although many of the homeowners who have called me have been sincere about wanting to stay in their home, some have realized that under their economic situation, the HARP 2.0 Program in Arizona and California will not do enough to lower their paym...
As if it is not getting harder to qualify for a loan, FHA put the scare in everyone for the last couple of months stating that FHA homeowners in Arizona and California would have to either: Pay off all their collections if it amound over $1,000 or; Have a payment arrangement with the collection c...
FHA Raises Their Mortgage Insurance for 2012 The pinnacle and driving force of an FHA loan in Arizona and California is the Mortgage  Insurance or most commonly known as "MI".  Most people do not make the connection and know the difference from any other loan  in Arizona and California.  FHA's fl...
The FHA Less Than 90 Day Flip Rule Waived In Arizona and California for 2012 Today 12/23/11, FHA declared that the 90 Day Flip rule be waived and extended up to 12/31/2012, unless withdrawn or extended by FHA in Arizona and California.  As you can already know many Arizona and California investo...
Finance more than ten (10) properties in Arizona and California Call me TODAY For more information @ 480.650.8602 Academy Mortgage is now providing a tool to assist borrowers’ that own and/or want to finance 5-10 properties that are looking to add to their investment portfolio or a 2nd home purch...
Can I buy a home after a short sale in Arizona or California ? The answer is yes. What do you do if had to short sale in your home in Arizona or California?   Often times, most lenders won't even bother listening and shut the door right in your face.  It almost feels like there isn't any hope.  T...
Buying a home after a short sale in Arizona Qualifying for a USDA home loan after a short sale is not very easy. However, Academy Mortgage in Mesa, Arizona will approve a home buyer if they can meet the criteria when applying for a USDA loan with our Academy Office in Mesa, Arizona. Most Arizona ...

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