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Author Bio: Tara Woods is a former Realtor with a degree in Multimedia. Tara combines her two passions and offers her services to the Real Estate community as a Virtual Assistant, specializing in helping Keller Williams agents. Tara Woods assists real estate professionals with their online marketing efforts. View all ActiveRain blog posts by Tara Woods Blog Google+
Craigslist Marketing for Your Real Estate Business Let’s get serious… If you aren’t utilizing and harnessing the power of Craigslist, you may as well hang your Real Estate License up in your bathroom. Recently, Super Cyber Assistant has seen an increase in requests for Craigslist marketing. And i...
Incentive Marketing Real Estate I have been putting a lot of thought into incentive marketing in Real Estate over the past few days. Incentive marketing: The You Versus Me. I have been working with some telephone scripts for my Real Estate clients. I am a Virtual Assistant. Most of what I do is d...
Tips from a Virtual Assistant I learn so much from working with my clients. You all have such different approaches, creative ideas, & strategies that to be honest, blow my mind... What I notice as a VA, is how many techniques I absorb from different agents. You are all brilliant. I think the more...
Ay, chihuahua! I didn't see you coming.   This post actually has to do with Rocky, the newest (canine) member of our family. About 3 months after moving to Prescott, AZ during the summer of 2010, our beloved dog Churchill passed away at 10 years old. I couldn't imagine having another dog then. On...
What Is It About Keller Williams?   When I was an agent, I didn't even work at Keller Williams. I was a Tarbell agent. At that time, I felt like they were supportive and helpful to their agents. Now I primarily work as a Virtual Assistant with Keller Williams agents, many of whom have recently ma...
"Sorry, your seat belt seems to be broken. What do you recommend I do?" - Mitch Martin, Old School (2003)   Let me first say, this post is in response to Brett Reichel's post, "New School" or "Old School? Which should you embrace? First off, I have to give kudos to Brett. Your thoughts hit home f...
I Get My Kicks Off Google Searches? March 13, 2011 I just helped get another new client's post in the top four for her target search terms. And as her Virtual Assistant, I've got to say it feels good. I'm not sure what it is about seeing that, but I guess we ALL want results in our businesses, no...
Who Would Have Thought? A Virtual Assistant… First of all, I would like to say that there is something about this forum that makes us feel comfortable. I am writing to an incredible community of diligent, intelligent, hard working professionals who deserve every dime of what they earn. And this i...

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