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What Social Media Sites Should I Use? Does this sound familiar or does this somewhat describe you? Perhaps you set up your Facebook account and you participate somewhat, even if it is mostly to see what everyone is out there doing. And, you set up a LinkedIn account several years ago (as that was...
foursquare (Where am I? Where are you? Why does it matter?)             You may have noticed that everyone is “checking in” all over the place, literally.  We will discuss how, why, what it all means, and where perhaps it is going.  Foursquare is an application that is free to download on most s...
2011 SXSW Re-Cap and Take-Away-s… There were an estimated 24-30k attendees for Interactive; projected 20% over 2010.  For the first time, there were more registrations for the interactive conference than for the music portion. Geolocation is established and is becoming another crucial ‘layer’ (a...
REALTORS®: Are you LinkedIn? Real estate professionals are using social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to communicate and network socially with consumers and their sphere(s) of influence. Many have ignored LinkedIn, or have not re-connected with and polished their LinkedIn profiles and a...
24 January 2011 It would be almost impossible for you to have not heard the hype about QR codes (bar codes, tags).  According to Wikipedia  “A QR Code is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones.”  REALTORS® are using them, b...
 Recently, a member walked into HAR with a brand new iPad and asked me, “can you please help me to practice real estate using this?  How can I use my new iPad to improve my business and impress my clients?  And, my goal is going to be for my clients to use my iPad while I’m with them showing pro...
  What is Twitter? Twitter is essentially a micro-blogging platform.  The original idea behind Twitter is simple to answer the question, “what are you doing?” and to answer that question in 140 characters or less.   In countries all around the world, people follow the sources most relevant to the...
January 2011 What was the most visited website of 2010?  Facebook, accordingly to a recent release from Experian Hitwise.   Facebook exceeded Google not only as the top visited website but also as the most searched item of the year.  Here are additional statistics as reported by Facebook: •1.    ...

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