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See these Mediterranean Style homes for sale in the Tampa Bay area, in a wide range of pricing - from the very affordable to luxurious estate homes- Please let me know how I can help...It's all about YOU!!  ...
Call me today at 813-624-3332 so that I can set up Equestrian Homes to see, from the #VeryAffordableHorseProperties to the #LuxuryEquestrianEstates for sale in Tampa Bay Florida. Click on this link to see Current Listings of Horse Properties for Sale in our area -  https://www.tamparealestatemade...
Are you like me? I've always wanted to own a property on the beach.Here are some very affordable Beach Properties for sale, priced from $200K-$300K.  This link will update automatically when new properties become available on the market - Please let me know if you have any q...
A recent study shows that sellers tend to overestimate the value of their homes by about 8%.   In negotiating a contract, once buyer and seller agree upon a price, the next real hurdle is the appraisal.  Realtors finally exhale once that comes in since appraisals are so subjective.  What happens ...
When you are looking into renting a home, please do your due diligence and make sure that the home isn't in foreclosure.   There are scam artists that look for homes that a foreclosure has been filed on with an out of town home owner.  Then these scam artists pose as the home owner, run an ad, po...
Florida is still the top destination for International Buyers.In 2014, the five countries that accounted for 51% of all purchases by international buyers were China, Canada, Mexico, India & the United Kingdom.International buyers tend to purchase more expensive real estate with the average purcha...
When you are trying to narrow down your favorites, it's a great idea to confirm whether or not the home is in a flood zone that requires flood insurance.  Flood insurance can get very pricey, and there is a lot of talk on the news and from insurance companies about flood insurance increasing each...
Homes that smell nice and have good curb appeal entice picky buyers to keep looking at your property and not just close the door before seeing the entire home.Often a repugnant smell, whether a strong dog or cat smell, cigarette smell, or a smell of "moisture" will quickllllly turn off buyers and...
Under the inspection repair and maintenance section of your home purchase contract, a seller has some limited responsibilities to the buyer to warrant certain items and/or systems in the home. While your agent may be representing you as a buyer, they are in no way qualified to determine the condi...
I always encourage my customers preparing for a move to cut back on their possessions to improve a home's staging. If a house is listed with the clutter remaining in the home, the potential buyers automatically think there isn't enough room, not enough storage in the home. Closets should be neat ...

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