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MOST AMAZING VOICE YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD! - I know, I know, that this is not concerning real estate deals or complicated mortgage terms but I just had to share this with the ActiveRain community.  A big part of my week is listening to relaxful and inspirational music or sounds to keep me going and...
#2 OUT OF 51 MILLION? DIDN'T KNOW THE RISE WOULD BE SO QUICK AND FEEL SO GOOD! I just had to share this with the ActiveRain community so you can see the POWER of blogging and keywords.  I responded to the ActiveRain's Fourth of July Hyper Local Challenge and really only responded for the free 1,0...
FIREWORKS ON SOUTH BEACH|4TH OF JULY SOUTH BEACH|FIREWORK DISPLAY MIAMI If you are looking for an exciting time on the Fourth of July, then you need to come to South Beach.  South Beach is known for its yearly fireworks display on the beach.  This year, the 4th of July celebration will be an all ...
Homebuyer Safeguards? By Golly, I Think They Got It - Included deep within the massive financial reform package that a House-Senate panel approved on 6/25/10, are some consumer protections that will change the way people shop for a mortgage.  I wondered just how far the government would go to pre...
Take Control Of The Conversation - This should be a KEY tool for any successful Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Broker.  As we all know, we are in a SALES business and conversation is an important part of this.  There is a sacred formula that, if followed, should increase your sales and production ...
30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates - This is the hottest topic around.  As most of you may have heard, the 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate is at its lowest point ever.  I talk to countless borrowers everyday who are contemplating refinancing or purchasing a home and they want to know our 30 Year Fixed Mort...
Flood Insurance A Disaster Waiting To Happen - If you live in a Flood Zone and are involved in the purchase or refinance of a property, then you may be in for a HUGE SUPRISE.  Funding for FEMA's Flood Insurance program has run out and they await Congress to give them a funding extension.  As of y...
Hard Money Lender Miami Dade & Broward Counties - If you or a client are looking for Private or Hard Money, I just came across a great source.  This private lender will lend up to 60% of appraised value and can close in 5 days!  Credit Score doesnt matter since the property is what drives the dea...
Foreign National financing? What is it? - A Foreign National is any individual who is a citizen of any country other than the United States.  So, if a Foreign National wanted to purchase a home or condo in the United States for investment or as a 2nd home, can he/she receive financing?  The answe...
Excellent Program. Well written article. We have the ability to offer HomePath financing.With the number of REO properties increasing, Fannie Mae has decided to follow Freddie Mac in offering the HomePath Mortgage. HomePath financing is available for Fannie Mae REO’s with the HomePath logo found ...

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