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Food trucks - otherwise known as mobile food on wheels - very common here in Arizona and commonly spotted on street corners, in various parking lots near construction sites, at parks on the weekends, etc.  It's hit or miss to find them - so if you are driving around, are hungry - and spot one - t...
What are the signs that your home might need CPR? Has your: Home been on the market longer than 2 months? Phone suddenly stopped ringing or decreased dramatically for showings and inquiries? Agent slowed down with calling or giving you updates? Price stayed the same? If you answered yes to just a...
Should you rent or buy?  Pros and cons for both.  There are also so many positions on this topic – and it changes as things change.  But the one argument we all have heard – “You’re throwing you money away by renting.” In the big picture, if renting works for someone – are they really throwing th...
Been running since high school – great stress relief, good exercise and I love it.  But, the older I get, the harder the pounding on the legs, so I am easing up on those longer marathon runs and opting for short distance events.  It's fun to be a part of smaller runs around the state of Arizona, ...
Commenting on blog posts is important – it’s a good way to be socially interactive but also to let someone know that you’ve read their work and have some input – or at least a thought about something that they wrote. I have a little quirk – it’s about commenting vs. getting on your soapbox on blo...
To say, "Congratulations - we've opened escrow!" I had the chance to do that not once, but twice in one day, for a couple of Tucson home Sellers yesterday! Sure - we have to get through inspections, and anything can come up, but it's like getting an offer - at least the Sellers have one; and now ...
Tucson has a number of property management companies-  variety is good – narrowing it down and picking one is the hard part. Here are tips when trying to decide on a property manager: When you call, email or fill out a contact request form – do you get a timely response?  If you do, what’s that r...
A little advice – if you don’t trust who you work with – move on.  If you don’t trust, and don’t move on, don’t spend your time trying to undermine them - or they'll move on for you. With life, business and friendships – building trust is foundation for success.  Once it’s earned, it should be va...
In the height of foreclosures and what seemed like almost everyone losing their homes, investors/landlords jumped on the wave – increasing the number of rental homes with low rent prices. As the demand for rentals increased – so did the rent prices – many landlords asked for higher rents and many...
This post is about cycling on the streets.  I have been riding a bicycle for over 20 years - I've seen courteous riders – and not so courteous riders.  Same as motorists – some are nice – some aren’t. I also know that many people do not like cyclists – and tend to find a number of reasons why.  G...

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