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It's that time of year again and I have such a hard time saying NO! Doorbells ringing, phone ringing, grocery store booths set up - all with eager little faces selling Girl Scout Cookies.   Since I am eating them as quick as I buy them - saying no gets harder!  And being a former girl scout doesn...
The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is in starting up here in Tucson!  One of the top shows of its kind it attracts dealers and visitors from all over the world! Here are some highlights: Tops on my list is “where to park” and “how to get a shuttle so you don’t have to worry about parking” – here is ...
The Tucson's housing market has fallen fast in the past year – making on average -  one in three homes that sold for under $100,000 in 2011. At the height of the housing bubble, zero properties could be bought for five figures unless it was a small studio or in rare instances, a small one bedroom...
Next generation, multi-family .. no matter what you call it - it's the trend happening with more and more families coming together and living under one roof. Many are simply affected by the economy causing them to make a move "back in" with family and then there are those that are caring for elde...
A couple weeks ago, someone called wanting me to list their Father's home.  I wasn't sure it was something I could take on, but I agreed to meet and talk.  It was the least I could do since I have a working relationship with them and, quite honestly, they have become what I call "friends". Drivin...
The story on this is - there are a lot of these type toilets in older commercial and residential homes around Tucson. You can tell by the design, and I've seen it first hand, many are sturdy but you know, they do tend to fall out of the wall as they get older, if they aren't cared for or, well if...
Got the most interesting phone call yesterday - from another property manager wanting to know how I got a home rented in two weeks that she couldn't get rented in 7 months. A couple months ago, I signed up a new owner for property management services.  Her home had been vacant for months and the ...
Last month, tough times hit my family suddenly and I've been in a situation where family needs to come first over being a daily blogger here on the Rain. From time to time, during wee morning hours sleeping in the hospital, I would escape for a few minutes by logging onto the Rain and putting a p...
So I started remodeling a rental home last month - and with remodeling comes trips to the local Tucson landfills.  I usually take my trailer-load way out west to a landfill that takes anything and everything.  But today, because I just had construction material and yard stuff I went to the Speedw...
Even though the temps are warm-ish in Tucson - there is still snow on the mountain and skiing on Mt Lemmon! Mt. Lemmon is just a short drive from Tucson, and even though you won't have tons of lifts - skiing up there takes the edge off if you just have one day to get away. Right now, the base on ...

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