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"It takes to much effort to talk."  That's what a friend's daughter once said when I asked why she responded only to text messages and not phone calls.  Now that's lazy. Made me think of a recent closing where the other agent had a few requests of things needed before closing.  Evidently, he emai...
As real estate agents, one time or another, will or have been asked these questions: Do any sex offenders live nearby? Can you tell me which areas of town have the least amount of crime? Has anyone died in this home? What churches are close by? I don’t answers these questions – rather direct clie...
Reading a few back and forth emails on a transaction in escrow, the escrow officer kept emailing the cooperating agent requests for the same document.  With each email she re-worded the request in different ways, presuming that the agent wasn’t understanding, “Could you please send this document?...
Tucson has a strong rental market - but the prices are starting to decrease for various reasons - lots of homes on the market being the top reason.  Getting your home rented for the price you want depends on three things: 1)  Location 2)  Condition 3)  Tenant who is willing to pay the rental pric...
KGC Properties, LLC, has a no smoking policy for all our rental homes.  Tenants sign a No Smoking Addendum and are made aware that the policy extends to anyone visiting the home.   All our tenants know that this is a security deposit deduction if the rental home has been smoked in! But, sometimes...
I spent some time talking with someone who lives up in the Phoenix area.  She loves to hike and being new to the state,  had questions about hiking in Arizona.  I don’t know a lot of places – but I do know a few – some sound awesome – like Sunset Canyon and Crystal Springs.  But I also happen to ...
Arizona cactus come in all shapes, sizes and positions - especially the Saguaro Cactus.  Though most cactus at this stage of "falling apart" are usually laying on the ground - this one was still standing - and looked to me like it might be giving up the standing upright fight! Facts About The Sag...
Last week, we called two companies to get ideas and estimates on building a driveway gate.  Both companies had equally polite folks who answered the phone and asked the usual questions. After both companies came out – I noticed something right away – they both offered service – but after talking ...
Whether we represent a buyer or a seller – it has and always will be a question of “earning our pay”.  And to my clients who say, “What do you do anyway now that we have an offer?”   I say, “Do you really want to know and hear about it day to day for the next month or so?” Most clients respond, “...
Well, maybe in Tucson it might!  Let’s face it – there are about 3-4 months of the year that is a struggle to live in the desert.  Other months are milder but still warm. Rest of the time, it's hot and all of us think of only one thing…. WATER!   Water is always an issue here in Tucson – and so i...

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